9/5 - We started production on the feature length film "PHIL THE DRILL"

8/21 - I have just finished an intense summer session at the Michael Checkhov Studio in Cambridge - 8 Weeks - 4 Classes per week, worth every moment!

8/15 - I have just been cast in the leading role in the feature length comedy "PHIL THE DRILL" (I of course will be playing Phil). Look forward to working with Mike & Steve again at Cape Cod TV

6/20 - I have joined the summer intensive at the Michael Checkhov Studio in Cambridge - starting next week I will be doing Misner & Checkhov training 4 days a week for 8 weeks.

5/08 - Wrapped up production on the CDIA short film "A PARTNER'S TALE"... word to the wise if cowboy boots are a part of your wardrobe be sure they fit, otherwise there will be blisters.

5/06 - "THE SHIFTY PLANET OF DR. STRANGE" (which I had a leading role in) is out of post-production and will be shown in a private screening May 15th

5/01 - "MEAT ME IN PLAINVILLE" a short film directed by Casey Regan last summer (in which I had a supporting role) will be screened at the Kevin Bright Screening Room as part of InFest 2 on May 12th.

4/25 - Wrapped production on "LOVE, LAUNDRY, & THE APOCALYPSE" starring myself, Jim Powers, & Sebastian Konarski & directed by Casey Regan

4/10 - I have been offered the role of Franklin in the CDIA short film "A PARTNER'S TALE". This will be my first foray in to the western genre. Franklin is on of three outlaws on a quest to avenge the death of the leader of their gang. We will begin filming end of April.

4/07 - I have just been cast in the short film "WHITE EYES IN THE RED WATER" for the Center For Digital Imaging & Arts. I will be playing Fred Derrickson,a man who is coping with the fact that he is responsible for the murder of his daughter on the one year anniversary of her death. This film will be shooting the last week of May.

4/05 - Wrapped production on "THE SHIFTY PLANET OF DR. STRANGE"starring myself & Michael Hitchcock.

3/15 - I have been offered the role of Phil in the short film "LOVE, LAUNDRY, & THE APOCALYPSE". I will be playing a cop who is trying to help his best friend reconnect with his girlfriend at the end of the world. This marks the 4th I'll be working with director Casey Regan. 

2/13 - I have just been cast in the short film "THE SHIFTY PLANET OF DR. STRANGE". I will be playing Warren the best (only?) friend of Eddie, a conspiracy theory nut (or is he?).We will be filming during the end of Feb. beginning of Mar.

1/30 - Wrapped up working as a sound-tech on the film "TAME" written by, produced & directed by John Mosetich, starring Shanette Wilson, Michael Reid, Chris Palermo & several other talented local actors.            

1/ 7 - I am excited to announce that I have been cast as the lead in the short film "THE GRAVE DIGGER" which will begin production this spring. This film will be directed by Ben Grabski and with co-star my good friend James Crosby